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A call to nurse the world FREE Webinar

27 Aug @ 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm by North Coast Medical Training College

North Coast Medical Training College is excited to announce a forthcoming FREE webinar scheduled for August 27th, showcasing the “A Call to Nurse the World” program. This unique initiative aims to equip nurses with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in international healthcare settings, for registration follow this link

The webinar will offer participants an in-depth understanding of the program’s objectives and benefits. As the world continues to face various health challenges, the demand for skilled healthcare professionals remains constant. The “Call to Nurse the World” program bridges this gap by preparing nurses for service abroad, enabling them to make significant contributions to global healthcare.

Nurses participating in this program will receive specialized training that goes beyond conventional nursing education. The curriculum encompasses cross-cultural communication, advanced medical techniques, and an exploration of diverse healthcare systems. This comprehensive approach ensures that nurses are not only proficient in their medical skills but also culturally sensitive and adaptable to different healthcare environments.

The webinar on August 27th will provide an overview of the program structure, application process, and the opportunities it opens up for nurses interested in international healthcare. It will also feature insights from experienced nurses who have successfully completed the program and are currently making a difference in healthcare institutions around the world.

North Coast Medical Training College recognizes the vital role that nurses play in addressing global health challenges. By organizing this webinar and launching the “Call to Nurse the World” program, the college reaffirms its commitment to producing highly skilled and globally conscious nurses who can effectively contribute to healthcare on an international scale.

Nurses, nursing students, and healthcare professionals passionate about making a global impact are encouraged to register for the free webinar on August 2nd. This is a valuable opportunity to learn about a program that not only enhances nursing careers but also has a positive ripple effect on healthcare systems worldwide.

For registration and further details, contact our admissions office on 0708235208/0742276746. Together, let’s take a step towards nurse-led global healthcare excellence.


North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon