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"Education is Learning What you Didn't Even Know You Didn't Know"
Other Sources of Funding Education and Training

As recognized the world over, education is key for any development of a country. And that is why, even in Kenya, the ministry of education is one of the most funded ministries by our yearly budget. Nevertheless, this budget resources are not enough, and that is why other players have come to supplement them.

Among the key players in funding education in Kenya are:

  1. The National government through  the HELB
  2. The County governments through the County Education Fund. Some counties have gone further to engage HELB, so that together they create a revolving funds, as a sustainable way of funding education. Examples of counties with such arrangements are: Busia, Kakamega, Uasin Gishu, Taita Taveta and Bomet Counties. Hopefully others, will follow.
  3. Other NGOs and CBOs exist in various parts of the country with the mission of supporting education at various levels. Therefore, be on the look out to access these funds so that you do not miss to the opportunity to invest in yourself.

Sustainable funding is key to the development of Kenya as a country. Therefore, support the revolving funding initiative by borrowing the money to get an education and then pay back once you get a job; so that others can also access the funds.

As the saying goes, poverty is in the mind. Think well, borrow wisely and become a productive member of your family, your community, Kenya and the world.

North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon