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Loans Board

Do you believe that knowledge is power?

Do you know the role of HELB?

Whether you know or do not know – the answer is – knowledge is power.

Many people have missed the opportunity to further their education because they think their parents are poor; or they have lost a job;  or they are orphans and therefore, who cares about them.

Fortunately, this self-pity mindset is slowly but surely waning aware, because many people are now knowledgeable that there are many ways to raise fees for your education, whatever your circumstance.

Many people have received education funding through CDF, both locational and County. At national level, HELB is the main government supported organ that has made a mark in many lives of Kenyans, that would have otherwise remained destitute for lack of fees to pursue higher education.

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In this fourth revolution, knowledge is the key to success. For sure without knowledge you will perish. Learn more about HELB today.

Share knowledge and your destiny will be a shared success. The poor lack knowledge to share and hence suffer lonely poverty and destitution.

North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon