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Community Health Promotion Fund (CHPF) has the mission to be creative and innovative in continuously looking for solutions to improve the health of communities through training, research and services. The core target groups for CHPF are secondary school graduates who want to go for medical training. Our beneficiaries are rural populations, disadvantaged communities and any young person, who by unforeseen circumstances, finds themselves unable to pay their training fees. This can be due to death of a parent, loss of a job by the guardian or any other pressing circumstances.

CHPF’s vision is to one day see no student stranded to go for training because of fees. It wants to create a revolving fund from which students can borrow money, just the way a business person borrows money to start a business, students should borrow money to invest in themselves.

Details on how to apply for funding are found on the CHPF website –



Most people do not look at getting a profession as a way of doing business. After all, why do we go into the troubles of starting a business? Off course, so that we make a living out of it. And why do we train to become professionals? Off course, to make a living.

Therefore, become a professional because it is a solid business with fewer risks. Later, you can take the next step of becoming a fulltime business person, because then, you will have had the experiences that can help you navigate well your business environment and become successful.

North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon