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Exploring Boundaries, Igniting Minds: Unleashing Knowledge Through Research Excellence

North Coast Research Support Center was  established in 2023, with the primary goal of assisting the college staff in enhancing their knowledge and skills in applied research. We do this by providing research training to empower staff through short courses and continuous professional development sessions to develop the necessary knowledge and skills in research and specifically action research.

The center plays a crucial role in centralizing and organizing research studies conducted both within the college and the wider community. By creating a digital repository, we ensure that important research findings 

are preserved and easily accessible for future reference.

As an internship center, we provide opportunities for both Kenyan and international students to engage in research. We prioritize studies in the following four areas: community-based education systems, medical education, elderly health and well-being, youth mental health and sexual reproductive health

Through our collaborative efforts, we foster a culture of research and evidence-based practice within the college.

 By equipping our staff and students with the necessary tools and resources, we strive to contribute 

to the advancement of healthcare knowledge and the overall well-being    of individuals and communities.

Join us at the North Coast Research Support Center as we embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, 

and positive impact through research on our daily work in health care and training of health workers.

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North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon