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"A Rolling Loan Gathers No Loss"
Financing Education

Generally, financing education is an expensive venture, the world over. This is more so if the focus is on quality education.

Quality education may be defined in different ways by different people. But generally, an education that enables one to realize the following attributes, could be considered to be of high quality:

  1. It should help you to discover yourself. You have inherent strengths that need to be harnessed and weakness that need to be de-learned. Knowing yourself marks the first step towards progressing in life, because then you know how to manage yourself, train or seek mentorship in areas of your weakness; and capitalize on areas of your strength.
  2. Enable you learn how to learn. The ability to improve your knowledge, skills and attitudes is an invaluable asset in being successful in life. It promotes what is referred to as – Self – Efficacy.
  3. Lastly, and more importantly, it should enable you to live and interact in a multicultural setup without biases, inferiority or superiority feelings. You should be transformed into a global citizen.

To get educational institutions that can guarantee you this attributes is possible even in Kenya, but they are few and extremely expensive. The reason is that they invest in qualified teachers, training equipment and expose their learners to a variety of learning situations to help them discover and express themselves to the fullest. All these, cost money. In contrast are public institutions that are by nature, geared towards giving education to the masses. Attaining quality in these institution can be an uphill task, given the congestion in classes, few trainers who only lecture students theoretically, perennial lack of equipment and training resources. Therefore, the choice for you as a prospective student is – do you want quality training or just any training?

In North Coast we guarantee quality education and training at a very affordable cost, considering that we are not supported by government, but offer very high quality education that can enable you work  in public and private sectors; and even work abroad. The fees payment is structured such that it just covers the required investment in teachers, learning equipment, materials and logistics, given that we are not for profit organization. Those with a regular good income will definitely find our fees very affordable; those with some income but not so good, can organize to pay in installments; and those who value quality but cannot afford it, should ask for financial support through the Higher Educations Loans Board (HELB) and Community Health Promotion Fund (CHPF). For details about HELB and CHPF, visit their websites through these links:

  • HELB –
  • CHPF –

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North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon