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What is the last date for application submission?

September 15th for the October intake and March 15th for the April are the last days to send completed NCMTC on-line applications every year. If you have trouble completing the application form call – 0713 788 077 or 0708 235 208. If you stay in coast, visit the college to get first hand information.

How long does it take to get feedback?

Immediately you send the form, you should receive a message on you phone acknowledging receipt of you form. Within two days you should get feedback though your email or phone on whether you qualify for the course you applied or not.

Note: there are many options if you do not get your first choice. Call these numbers to get more information: – 0713 788 077 or 0708 235 208

Does the institution assist students who are financially incapable?

Yes. Students who apply to North Coast specifically, can also request for financial help from Community Health Promotion Fund (CHPF) and / or Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), once they get an admission letter.

What is the procedure for application of this aid?

If you think you have the passion and the qualification of the course you want, but lack fees, do the following:

  1. Gather all the evidence you have to prove that you lack fees. Prove can be in the form of – death certificate if you parents died; termination from employment letter if a parent is now not employed; a letter from a local leader e.g. a chief  or religious leader to support your claims and the need for support; among others. This is because, the process of allocating funds are done buy a computer, which solely relies on supporting evidence you give to award you marks that can qualify you to get help from the scarce resources available, given the many people who apply.
  2. Apply for the course you want and attach the necessary documents.
  3. Once you get the admission letter via email, forward a copy of the admission letter and the evidence you have to together with a supporting letter, requesting for assistance. State whether you require full or partial loan support. If it is partial, state the amount you can raise yourself so that  the remaining can be given as a loan.
  4. You will receive feedback within a week if funds are available. Otherwise, call this number to confirm – 0702 217 212 or 0701 703 499.

Who Qualifies for this Aid?

All youth in Kenya, so long us you get an admission letter from North Coast, and you can prove that you deserve support.

How can high school students start preparing for a career in Medicine?

In general, students should take a keen interest in languages sciences. Most Diploma course require at least a c plain in either English of Kiswahili and a C plain in Biology. Others may be C minus upto D plus.

I’m I assured of a job when I train in North Coast?

For sure, you will get a job for the following reasons:

  1. We are legally registered by all bodies in Kenya that regulate the courses we do. This include TVETA.
  2. North Coast started training the Competence Based Education and Training (CBET) way in 2012, way before the government introduced the training approach to all other colleges. Therefore, we are experts in CBET and promise you high quality training.
  3. We are a modern institution whose vision is to train highly competent health workers using modern technology and innovation. We have lived by this vision and we are among the few colleges that did not loss even a day due to COVID-19 because we immediately switched to e-learning when our students went home. Besides, we support many of them with cheaper data bundles.
  4. Our graduates are highly marketable in private hospitals, in public hospitals and even abroad if they so wish. We have linkage in recruiting firm in Europe, America and Australia.

It should not be just any training, but quality training if you want to succeed in the current competitive world.



North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon