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What a Bummer!!!

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Last Friday’s Basketball tournament saw NCMTC being schooled and losing 76 – 84 against The Outsiders. Joel Bahati, the former B-ball captain explains that the loss comes from the team lacking practice and experience. His words are backed up by most of the team players: Daniel Tsuma and Moses emphasized on how this issue is costing them points due to fatigue and lose of breath during matches. Steven, the current NCMTC B-ball captain stated that they were well prepared for the game, and they used that competition as a learning experience and hope to do more in the upcoming tournaments.

This being the first game since the beginning of the year, he, Steven, commented that they lack practice and skills for the game. He hopes that in future more practice and more games be initiated and include trainers to teach them more. The Outsiders showcased great defense during the match and NCMTC hopes to simulate the same knowledge gained in the future.

Good news is that a ladies’ team has officially been introduced in the Institution, creating gender balance!

Parting words from the captain is: “Mandatory PRACTICE be a progression in the future”.

North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon