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"Be more social in life, make new friends, be part of the student council for endless bonds and friendships forever"
Student Council

Student Council 

Do you like adventures and challenges, do you want to develop your passion, show your initiative? Do you care about gaining valuable experience, useful in your future work? Join the group of active members of the Student Council of North Coast Medical Training College , who represent the interests of the academic community, alongside the College Authorities.

Students who belong to the Student Council, care for the rights of students and ensure that they fulfill their obligations, resulting from the status of a student while providing students with information about the life of the College, and organizing various types of events, competitions, festivals, and conferences. Thanks to the initiatives and activities of the Student Council, you can have fun, develop yourself, and participate in meetings with famous people from the world of Medicine, politics, and culture.

Vision Statement: “Students are capable of being the change that everyone seeks to see in the world.”

Mission Statement: “To serve as an actual bridge, connecting students with the College’s officials at all times.”

Who are we?

According to the regulations, the Student Council is an organ, without which, the College cannot function effectively. It is a platform that has a positive and effective impact on the life of the College. Its main goal is to help students solve problems they encounter at the College and to support staff in the process of better understanding students’ needs. The Council makes every effort so that students have a ‘voice’ that is clearly heard and taken seriously. It strives to implement the changes you expect

Thank you for willing to be the voice of students of North Coast Medical College.
Let’s do everything possible to make our College actually feel like home for its students.
We are honored to have you here with us!!

   “A nurse will always give us hope, an angel with a stethoscope”           



North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon