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The North Coast MTC 14th graduation marked a significant milestone for our college, and as an institution we are proud of everyone who successfully made it to the top.

This edition saw a total of 257 graduates who had completed their courses both in certificate and diploma as well as higher diploma.


                                    Madam Dorothy Tenai, Principal at North Coast MTC.

“I think every graduation is special because this is the time people to go out after being in class for two or three years, and now they are ready to showcase at their workplace what they have learnt, so it is always a privilege to have this.” Says Madam Dorothy Tenai, Principal at North Coast MTC.

According to principal Tenai, the 14th graduation that was held on 8th December 2023 had some important elements in the academic that made it stand out from the previous editions which is also an indication that the college is growing day by day.

“This 14th graduation is special because for the last three years we started Community Based Education and this is the first time we have graduated the people who joined from the first year and it’s a cohort that really understands what happens in the community, what is Universal Health Care and many more.” Added Madam Tenai.

Our guest of honor for our 14th graduation was Hon. Francis Gwama Mwatsahu, CECM- Health Services in Kwale County who took the opportunity to encourage the graduates to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired from North Coast MTC to go and serve the community better.

A message that was echoed by the director of academics Dr. Reuben Waswa who reminded the graduates that the process of acquiring knowledge is a lifetime affair.

“Let’s remember that education does not end here. This is just a beginning of a lifetime of learning and growth and so its important to continue pushing ourselves and seek new opportunities.” Said Dr. Waswa, Director North coast medical training college

As North Coast Medical Training College fraternity we would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to all the graduates as we wish the all the best in your endeavors.


North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon