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North Coast Medical Training College 11th Graduation Ceremony

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North Coast Medical Training College celebrated its 11th graduation ceremony at the College’s graduation grounds presided over by its dean of students Hilda Pole on 24th June 2022.

The college was priviledged to have the event graced by Dr. Micah Matiangi, director of open distance and E-learning at Amref International University among the college’s key stakeholders.

The event saw 104 candidates conferred with diplomas and certificates in various fields of specialization.

The Director NCMTC Dr. Reuben Waswa, appreciated the parents for the effort they put into educating their children. He also acknowledged the presence of the guest of honor Dr. Micah Matiangi who together with his immediate boss CEO Dr. Githinji Gitahi from AMREF Health Africa, have played a pivotal role in creating awareness on community health and development.

“One of the conditions that was set out for NCMTC to be registered was the need to be 5km from a main hospital. However, we stood our ground and said ‘NO’ we need to be near the community. This brought a lot of friction with the regulators but at last they allowed NCMTC to be where they are because they saw the importance of being around the community. Our location here has enabled us have an effective teaching methodology called Community Based Education & Services. This type of teaching enables students to learn and practice at the same time (Kusoma na Kutenda).” The Director Dr.Reuben Waswa said.

Dr.Micah Matiangi appreciated the great friendship that has been cemented over the years between NCMTC and Amref Health Africa.

“Amref Health Africa has been in place for 67 years and one of the pillars they respond to a lot is human resource for health and primary health care. This is a very critical pillar that Amref health Africa is working to achieve. The institution believes in primary health centered training which is one of the strongest methodologies being used at NCMTC. Amref Health Africa is proud of what NCMTC is doing within the community and because of this, “I will be discussing further with our CEO Dr. Githinji Gitahi to see how we can collaborate with NCMTC in executing community health care-based interventions within the area of operation,” Dr.Micah Matiangi said.

The guest of honor Dr.Micah Matiangi congratulated the Class of 2022 noting that their achievement is a sign of a bright future for both the graduands and the nation at large. He left the graduands with some nuggets of wisdom as follows:

  • Don’t Join the health system as a conformist come as a transformer
  • Growth in your professional career is a function of your discipline
  • Align with digital revolution don’t fear technology
  • Embrace the various opportunities, embrace the various risks so that you can go and nurture yourself in this health industry

The A/g principal Madam Dorothy Tenai, encouraged the graduands to cherish and uphold integrity, excellence, professionalism,  innovativeness, and creativity as they maneuver through their profession.

The TVET institute comes at a time when the country’s focus is shifting towards creating a pool of technical skills professionals to drive its economy and development agenda.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2022! You Did it!! Graduation isn’t the end of a tough journey. It is the beginning of a beautiful one!!




North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon