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Skills LAB Opening

21 Sep @ 9:00 am to 4:00 pm by North Coast Medical Training College

What is a Skills Lab?

The Skills Lab is a learning lab for all medical students. The primary goal of the Skills Lab is to enhance the learning of medical intervention concepts with the valuable opportunity of practicing them on adult-sized “patients.” You will spend time in the lab each quarter, building your skill set and testing your knowledge.

At North Coast Medical Training College, we are privileged to have launched the biggest skills lab in Kenya that is fully equipped with the latest hospital equipment’s and manikins. This is a major milestone for our college and it ensures our students receive hands on experience that they will use to develop competencies in multiple simulated health care settings that cross the human life span.

The Simulation Laboratory is an intricate part of student learning. It provides a foundation for critical reasoning, synthesis, and analysis of increasingly complex care scenarios.  The lab has hospital bed stations and exam areas, a birthing, trauma & orthopedic simulation area, a mock nurse’s station, and medication room. It is here that North Coast Medical Training College students can expand their knowledge and training by participating in administering health care in a hospital, before, and along with, their clinical experiences. Using the latest healthcare technology, you’ll learn how to increase safety and improve outcomes for patients

Our facilities mean students leave the course ready to hit the ground running. The country needs nurses who can quickly transition from study to practice with confidence.

Welcome To NCMTC!!! Where upon completion of your course, you’ll have a set of skills that impress potential employers and allow you to confidently begin your career.


North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon