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30 Sep @ 8:00 am to 10:00 pm by STudent Union

Google defines culture as: “the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society.” With this in mind and in the spirit of camaraderie NCMTC’s student union organized and hosted a cultural day on the 30th of September 2022, at the basketball field. Its aim was to showcase a variety of cultures, both modern and traditional and give students and staff a chance to enjoy and celebrate different cultures that people have come across. The Institution has a unique opportunity to experience the food, dress, music and language of the various cultures represented at the University.

The occasion was nothing short of spectacular as the collaboration of the vibrant crowd, entertaining MCs and mixture of thrilling performances, fused together to bring out a magical night. Various performances clearly represented different cultures of distinctive kinds. Some enactments on stage included plays and upbeat flowing traditional songs and dances from diverse African tribes. We also had a segment where our students showcased their talents from singing competitions to dance, DJ-ing and even who can eat the most! Our very own self proclaimed DJ, DJ Nyau got the crowd bumping to his mad disk jockeying skills as he played electrifying tunes that got everybody’s head moving to the rhythm of the beat, so it came to no surprise when he bagged the DJ in his cluster. Mukoka serenaded the audience with a  melodious resonances and modern dance moves to embody the current, unique style and culture of the present-day music and dance scene which is rapidly capturing the attention of Kenya’s millennials.

We got to eat different delicacies and drink traditional brews from the competitors but the Pokomo tribe gave the other tribes a run for their money by showcasing their amazing culinary art, dance and play that wooed the judges and the crowd. A big shoutout to all the winners:

  1. Drummer – Edward
  2. Dribbling icon – Prince
  3. DJ – Nyau
  4. Singer – Mukoka

The evening’s activities, that is, the culture show, which was the main event of the day, saw Adam and Hazina being crowned as Mr. and Mrs. Culture 2022 after a parade of  natural endowment exhibited by different entrants. The Dean of students Madam Hilda described the day as a success based on the positive feedback regarding the activities and performances as well as the huge turnout. “We as an Institution will work hard to ensure that the next event will be even better,” Ms. Hilda said. We want to give our accolades to all teams that participated in making the event a success.

Below is a link to the highlights of the day event

North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon