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Cultural Day Event Postponed

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Cultural Day at North Coast Medical Training College involves students and teachers who create, participate and celebrate culture and art in our community. Our students are welcome and encouraged to celebrate our diversity by performing activities in class and at the dinning hall. Cultural day at NCMTC is an opportunity for us to celebrate together with our different and unique backgrounds.

On 16th March 2019 North Coast Medical Training College marked the 2019 Cultural Day with spectacular cultural events to enjoy cultures beyond our borders. The day was remarkable with students and staff beaming in their vibrant native attires that showed different cultures from across the country. The Dean of students Mr. Gift Mwaegwa added that “Our students have demonstrated and promoted the virtues of a united and one school North Coast Medical Training College with activities and attires.”

The students president Mr. Chimoyo Alfani Madeni applauded his fellow students for the good work and appreciated them fully. ” Indeed my fellow students the moments and activities have been commendable. Cultural Day celebration should be a termly event! he narrated.

Last years event was painted with some artistic displays of foods and cultural dances from different cultures. Our students were dressed in attires from different cultures around the country. In the school the event is truly captured with impressive displays and events reflecting the culture of various communities showcasing their food, customs, and tradition. Indeed the students’ moments and activities have been commendable. Students had the opportunity to showcase diversity in the arts, music, fashion and food through multiculturalism.

The cultural day is part of the annual college tradition that gives the students opportunity to experience cultural diversities and showcase its role in enhancing regional peace and security. This years Cultural Day was to be held on 27th March 2020 but due to the COVID – 19 Pandemic it was postponed to a later date when almost everything normalizes students return back to the college.

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