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Orthopaedic and Trauma Medicine

Orthopaedics means study of bones and trauma means injuries. Therefore, if you are swift and empathetic enough to respond to emergencies, then this is the course for you. The medicine part means that you can also respond to other emergencies that are not due to direct injuries, like cardiac arrest, shock, severe asthma and the like.

When one gets an accident from whatever cause, it can be a matter of life or death. Well trained people, who understand the effects of various injuries on human life, and who are capable of responding very fast can save a lot of lives. Accidents on the roads due to motor vehicles, motor cycles, falling objects, burns and violence can occur anywhere and at any time. Non-traumatic cases like cardiac arrest, shock, and asthmatic attacks occur practically anywhere at any time of the day or night. Therefore, the more we have people who are trained and can respond to such emergencies, in the shortest time possible, the better.

They learn about human body structures and functions (Anatomy and Physiology), mechanics of various injuries; how to resuscitate patients, transport patients, stitch minor wounds and apply splints to protect further injuries or facilitate healing.

After training one can work at all levels of the healthcare system – Dispensary, Health Centre and Hospital. They can work in emergency response units, ambulances, casualty departments and plaster rooms.


DIPLOMA –  KCSE  C Plain (C). Must have  C plain in Biology, C plain Eng/Kiswahili,C-minus in Math, physics, Chem/Agr/Geo/HSS

Course Duration: 3 years

CERTIFICATE  – KCSE C-minus  (C-). Must have  C-minus in Biology,C-minus in Eng/Kisw D+Plus in maths,physics,chem/Agr/geo/HSS

Course Duration:  2 years

Average School Fees: Diploma- 58,400Kshs.

Average School Fees: Certificate- 38,400Kshs.


Don’t hesitate, opportunities are endless, with emergency and trauma care training.

North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon