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Medical Catering

Do you know that food is the first medicine above any other?

Other medicines kill bacteria or parasites in your body, but for you to regain your health or your body to fight diseases, you need well cooked and nutritious food. Hospital caterers, as they are referred to, are people who have learned the chemistry of food and know how to prepare it without destroying nutritious elements in it.

They ensure that the prescription made by the dietitian in terms of food type and nutrients are delivered in the meal as expected calculated for each patient. They also learn the science (pathophysiology) behind loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, especially when one is sick, and apply researched methods to modify the appetite or reduce nausea and vomiting so that the patients can eat. When the patient eats he or she recovers faster than the one who is not eating well.


DIPLOMA : KCSE C – minus (C)      COURSE DURATION : 3 yrs


Fees: Certificate- 38,400Kshs.

Fees: Diploma- 48,400Kshs

This course is for those who like cooking. But not just cooking, cooking nutritious food for the sick. Employment is waiting for you, especially in private hospitals and high class hotels. Rich people with chronic illness like diabetes also would prefer having a well-trained hospital caterer.

Don’t hesitate, opportunities are endless, with training in Medical Catering.

North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon