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Kenya Registered Nephrology Nursing

Be among the early birds and join this demand-driven course. Many hospitals and private organizations have established renal units to respond to the high demand of patients. Unfortunately, Kenya has very few Nephrology Nurses and Doctors. You’re likely to get a job before you finish if you do not have one now.

This course in North Coast is not only about dialysis, it covers the whole concept of kidney disease: from causes, diagnosis, management and even prevention at individual and community levels. Therefore, prepare to be a well-grounded Nephrology Nurse.

Your valid question at this point may be – why should I study in North Coast?

Our sincere answers to you:

  • We are experts in adult learning – it wouldn’t take long before you agree with us.
  • We have created a blended learning environment – with intermittent moments of face to face where we support you to fully become proficient in on-line learning and practice most of the skills in our well-equipped skills lab. Thereafter, we enable you to learn as you work.
  • We believe in empowering learners – you will finish the course as a proficient scholar capable of learning throughout your life; and a credible decision-maker, rather than a subservient and traditional nurse,  who only follows what others have prescribed for them to do.
  • Even most importantly, you do not have to leave your job to come and study with us, particularly if your employer is not keen to do that. We will support you to work as you study.


  1.  Bachelor of Science in Nursing/ Diploma in KRCHN
  2. Be registered by the Nursing Council of Kenya
  3. Possess valid practice licence and registration Certificate by NCK


1 year

North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon