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Health Systems Support Management

The concept of Systems Support Management is a new concept in Kenya, but it  is becoming important as more institutions strive to be effective and efficient in their operations. In some regions, the course is equated to Institutional Management, which is not quite synonymous.

Health Systems Support Management (HSSM)  is a truly innovative course. You must have witnessed, when you visit some hospitals, that buildings are dirty, roofs leaking, lights are on day and night without any reason, machines are broken and they are not repaired on time. There seems to be nobody responsible for this important issues on a daily basis. This calls for someone whose sole responsibility is to ensure that hospital systems run as required, without wastage of time and resources. The person needs to be good in record keeping, systems and action research, and have basic knowledge  in all types of utility systems like – water, electricity, gas, waste management, building and construction generally.

Although HSSM focuses on hospital systems, graduates can work in other institutions like hotels, industries and the like. They can also later specialize in one system if they want to work in bigger institutions that have bigger utility departments.


DIPLOMA –  KCSE   C minus (C-)    Course Duration: 3 years

CERTIFICATE  – KCSE D plain (D)   Course Duration:  2 years

Fees: Diploma- 56,900Kshs.

Fees: Certificate- 38,400Kshs.


Don’t hesitate, opportunities are endless, with a course in Health Systems Support Management

North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon