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Community Health and Development

This is another course that is quickly gaining prominence in Kenya and globally. Its motto is – Prevention is better than cure.

The concept of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), which is a global health agenda for now until 2030,  must be achieved if we are to join the league of developed countries.  The main idea behind UHC is that – people need to be empowered to adopt healthy lifestyles. This means that people need to be taught about safe habits like personal hygiene, food nutrition, exercise and avoiding hazardous habits like smoking, alcoholism; and being able to sense when they are sick so that they go for early checkup, to avoid going to hospital only when already very sick.

For those who like talking and socializing, and have a liking for medical work without dealing with very sick patients in the wards – this is the best job for you.

It requires one to understand the peoples’ culture (social anthropology); people’s believes in relation to disease (medical anthropology); peoples’ believes and way of thinking (Social psychology); disease processes (health sciences) and behavior change communication. It’s very exciting and leads to a very fulfilling job, because it’s mostly about helping healthy people to remain healthy and the sick to seek medical attention early.


DIPLOMA –  KCSE C minus (C-)   Course Duration: 3 years

CERTIFICATE  – KCSE D+ plus (D+)  Course Duration:  2 years

Average School Fees: Diploma- 48,400Kshs.

Average School Fees: Certificate- 38,400Kshs.

Don’t hesitate, opportunities are endless, with Community Health training.

North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon