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Clinical Medicine and Surgery

If you missed to join Medicine at a degree level, do not worry. This is one course that is close to it. It is one of the most popular courses, not only in Kenya, but even in the developed countries, like America where it has over 200,000 of them, Kenya has over 20,000. You can be employed or start your private clinic, and therefore the question of tarmacking does not exist.

In the last decade, many countries have realized that training Doctors alone will not meet the health demands of today. The WHO and many countries in Africa, Europe and America have now embraced the cadre and are training them to very high standards so that they can share some of the specialized tasks with Doctors. Clinical Officers, currently known by various names, such as Physician Assistants in America and Europe, Medical Licentiates in some parts of Africa, Tecnicos de Cirurgia in Spanish speaking countries, are currently discussing on how to get one name that will represent all of them on the global scene. You can choose to specialize later in Pediatrics’, ENT, Anesthesia, Ophthalmology, Lung and Skin, Orthopaedic, Mental Health, among others; or proceed for a degree in Clinical Medicine and thereafter proceed for a Master’s Degree. The doors are now open for you.


KCSE Mean Grade    C Plain  

Languages Either English or Kiswahili   C Plain,

Biology   C Plain.

Maths or Physics C-(Minus) 

Chemistry C- (minus) 


Fees: Diploma- 58,400Kshs.

Don’t hesitate, opportunities are endless, with clinical medicine & surgery training.

North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon