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Kenya Red cross First Aid / Emergency Response competition

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Congratulations to North coast medical training college for  emerging as the winners of the college first aid and emergency response competition organized by the Kenya Red Cross! It’s an exceptional accomplishment, and we are  proud of the  achievement.

Participating in such a competition shows our students and teachers  commitment to learning and applying life-saving skills in emergency situations. It requires a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application, as well as the ability to remain calm under pressure.

Winning this competition is a testament to dedication, preparation, and proficiency in first aid and emergency response. It highlights your team’s ability to effectively assess and address critical situations, providing vital support and care to those in need.

By emerging as winners, it has not only demonstrated our students  expertise but also earned the recognition and respect of the Kenya Red Cross and the wider community. The victory reflects  commitment to serving others and making a positive impact in times of crisis.

This accomplishment opens up new opportunities for you to further develop your skills and pursue a career in emergency response or healthcare. It is a significant milestone that sets you apart and provides a strong foundation for your future endeavors.

As we celebrate this well-deserved victory, remember to acknowledge the hard work, teamwork, and training that contributed to this success. Cherish the experiences and knowledge gained throughout the competition, as they will continue to shape our personal and professional growth.

You can be part of the winning team by applying to North Coast Medical Training College via the link below


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