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Career Symposium-Visit by Kakoneni Girls

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We had the pleasure of having our first career fair where students from Kakoneni girls’ high schools paid us a visit to learn about job options in the medical field. Our dean of students, madam Hildah Polle accommodated them with presentations and tables staffed by clinical officers, nurses, dietitians, orthopedicians and others. They toured around the skills lab and had the chance to familiarize themselves with some of the equipment’s used during a skill session. The event which was held on Jul 27th was an educational strategy to encourage teens to pursue careers in medicine and learn about the myriad job options in health professions.

For students aiming for a medical career, top grades and test scores aren’t enough to get into the best programs in the country. Grades and test scores might be great examples of your scholastic aptitude, but they don’t reveal much about your personal characteristics. Do you help your community and those around you? Do you commit fully to tasks? Do you solve problems in innovative, insightful ways? One of our directors, Dr. Marianne Darwinkel’ emphasized on qualities like dedication, empathy and leadership being critical for one to succeed in medical school and in a medical career.

The assumption that pursuing medicine is hard depends on what your definition of hard is. If by hard, you mean esoteric and requiring a huge amount of intelligence to understand, then I would say that medical studies aren’t hard. But, if by hard you mean requiring a huge amount of sacrifice, work, and dedication to get through then the answer is a resounding YES. You do not need to have an IQ of 150 to study medicine. It is not as complex as theoretical physics, but the sheer amount of knowledge you need to have is mind-numbing.

Hence take the chance, we hope that the visit has ignited an urge to have future medics. So, welcome to North Coast Medical Training College where we’ll help you look beyond the horizon.


North Coast Medical Training College | Look beyond the horizon